Get Your Subaru Serviced Before Winter Fully Sets In

If there's one thing we know in Colorado, it's winter weather. We're rapidly approaching the full grip of the season, which you're quickly running out of time to have your Subaru serviced and prepared for the weather to come.

Here are a few of the top winter-prepping tips our factory-trained mechanics recommend:

  • Change your oil and make sure all other fluids are topped off. Low temperatures and old, sludge-filled oil do not make a happy combination for your engine. You'll also want to ensure that your wiper fluid and antifreeze levels are appropriately filled.
  • Check your tires.Check your tread levels, and inflate your tires to the recommended PSI level. You may find it worthwhile to purchase a set of snow tires and mount them on steel rims, changing your tires out depending on the season.
  • Examine your Subaru's lights. Make sure all lights are working properly, including the hazards. If any bulbs are burned out, replace them as quickly as possible.
  • Check the battery, wiring and spark plugs. Cold weather will hasten a failing battery's death, and you really don't want to risk a breakdown in the depths of winter. It's also essential that you make sure all of the wires are connected properly, and that your spark plugs are working properly.

The best way to make sure your Subaru is prepared for winter is to schedule an appointment to have the experts in our Service Center take care of these important assessments. If you prefer to do the work yourself, the folks in our Parts Center have everything you need to do the job right.

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