Let All-Wheel Drive Take You Far

Don't let the lingo confuse you. Different drivetrains each serve a purpose, but all-wheel drive provides benefits that others cannot. At Subaru of Loveland, we went ahead and laid it all out for you so you know exactly why all-wheel drive is preferred.

The Benefits of All-Wheel Drive

With an all-wheel drive vehicle—especially a Subaru—you can expect:

  • Enhanced traction, which is especially important in inclement conditions.
  • Improved performance, since the engine expels more of its energy right away.
  • Better steering because the front wheels can focus on gaining sideways traction.
  • More effective weight distribution, with added weight from extra power in the rear.

For further details on all-wheel drive and Subaru vehicle capabilities, visit us at Subaru of Loveland. We are eager to inform you of all the great qualities that Subaru vehicles have to offer, and want to help you go far.

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