The Importance Of Properly Inflated Tires

One your dash you will notice there are a number of different indicators that light up to alert you that your Subaru needs attention. One of which is low tire pressure. When this light comes on what does that mean you have to do and why is it important to have properly inflated tires.

When the low tire pressure light comes on it simply means there isn't enough air in your tires for safe driving. Every Subaru is equipped with Tire Pressure Monitor System Warning Light and Tire Pressure Monitoring System to ensure your tires always have just the right amount of air. There a lot of different factors that can affect your tire pressure, one of them being the higher elevations of Loveland and Fort Collins. The cold can also affect your tires. Low tire pressure affects your Subarus performance, fuel efficiency, and ride quality. But most of the time low tire pressure can easily be fixed at most gas stations.

If after adding air or you are regularly adding air to your tires there may be something else going on. Thankfully, our team of certified Subaru technicians are standing by ready to help keep your Subaru performing at its best. Give us a call and we will be happy to get you in as soon as possible.

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