Spring is in full swing and before you know it summer will be here. With colder temperatures and snowy roads quickly melting away it is time to have your snow tires taken off and swapped over to summer tires. Or if you use all season tires now is a great time to bring your Subaru in for a tire rotation to ensure that winter potholes and frost heaves didn’t do a number on your Subaru.

A large majority of Fort Collins drivers have summer and winter tires on their Subaru. Winter tires have deep treads to provide traction and control on snowy roads. Winter tires are also made from thicker rubber that is better designed to handle cold winter temps. While summer tires are made to handle a variety of temperatures, including hot summer days, and feature less grooving to provide maximum contact with the road. The tread design of summer tires is also designed to move water from the center of wheel to ensure safe performance when raining. Summer tires are also lighter than winter tires and will boost your fuel economy which is something everyone loves to hear.

Winter roads can do a number of your Subaru and springtime is a great time of year to have your tires rotated if you don't swap your tires over. Rotating your tires regularly will extend the life of your tires be ensuring even tread wear. If your tires don't have enough tread depth your Subaru won't properly be able to provide ideal traction and control. We can easily help you determine if your tires have a few more miles left or if it is time for a new set.

Subaru recommends that you rotate the tires on your Subaru roughly every 6-8,000 miles; which is also how often you should change your oil. Give our service center a call today to get your Subaru in for tires service. You can also make an appointment online at any time and don't forget to browse our parts and service specials for ways to save on your next visit to our service center.

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