Is Leasing My Next Subaru A Better Option Than Financing?

Shopping for a new Subaru should be fun! Who doesn't enjoy getting to test drive the new Ascent or redesigned Forester? Once you have found the perfect Subaru for all your adventures it comes time to decide whether to lease or buy your next Subaru. But which financing option is best for you?

Both leasing and financing have their pros and cons. Some drivers are better suited to leasing their next Subaru while others benefit more from financing. Below we have highlighted the basics of each financing option so you can quickly get an idea of which financing route may be best for you.

  • Leasing is an agreement with us, the dealership, to drive an Impreza or Crosstrek for a set amount of time for an agreed upon amount. The benefits to leasing include lower maintenance costs since the vehicle will be returning to the dealership, you can get into a more expensive model for less each month, and you can get into a new Subaru every two to three years. The downside to leasing is that you are allowed a certain amount of miles each month and you can't change anything about the vehicle because you don't own it.
  • Financing, or buying, is where you will own the vehicle and you agree to pay a certain amount each month. The biggest benefit to financing your next Subaru is that when you are finished paying off the car you will not have any more car payments. Owning your Subaru also doesn't limit you to how many miles you can drive in a year. You are also allowed to make any special modification you want to enhance performance. The downside to financing a Subaru is slightly higher interest rates, you are responsible for all maintenance costs, and your monthly payment will be higher. Financing is a great option for Loveland drivers looking to go on 200,000-miles of adventure.

Our team of financing experts are always here to help answer any questions about leasing or buying. Give them a call or swing by Subaru of Loveland today.

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