Motor oil is your Subaru's lifeline and without clean oil, your Subaru wouldn't perform at its best. It may not even perform at all. Which is why changing your oil and oil filter is one easy service that goes a long way to keeping your Subaru on the road running like new for as long as possible. But how often should you change your oil and oil filter to ensure ideal performance?

The old rule of thumb that everyone would follow for changing their oil was every 3,000-miles. But now with more efficient engines and better synthetic oil, you won't need to change your oil and filter nearly as much. We recommend that Loveland drivers have their oil changed roughly every 6,000-miles or so. This will also depend on the type of oil your Subaru requires as well as your driving habits. If you are always on the movie cruising down I-25 you will have to change your oil and filter more often than someone who is just driving around town.

Thankfully the service center here at Subaru of Loveland has your Subaru's service history handy and will help keep your Subaru up to date with regular oil changes. Or if you enjoy spending time under the hood of your Subaru our parts center has the motor oil and oil filters that your Subaru needs. Many Subaru models will have the oil type printed on the oil cap and will most likely be 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30 or 10W-40. Give our parts center a call today and they will get the oil and filter you need ready for you to pick up.

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