It is that time of year again and the snow is going to start falling soon and Loveland, CO drivers know what that means. It is time to put your snow tires on and Subaru of Loveland is your number one destination and can answer all of your questions. Like what size tires does your Subaru need? Why are snow tires necessary? And when do I need to put my snow tires on?

For many drivers in the Loveland area snow tires are a must for the winter months and as of August 2nd of 2019 legislation updated the requirements for drivers using Colorado state highways. So what does this mean for you? The new legislation has changed the minimum tread depth required for vehicles on snow-covered roads to 3/16 of an inch and the minimum for dry roads is 2/16. The new legislation also requires that vehicles traveling from Dotsero to Morrison must carry traction law equipment or be traction law compliant for the 126-mile stretch of I-70 from Sept. 1 to May 31. What does it mean to be traction law compliant or what is traction equipment? If you do not have snow tires or all-season tires chains or AutoSocks meet the traction equipment requirement.

With the new traction law requirements you may be wondering when do you need to have your snow tires put on? We recommended having them put on very soon as the weather in Colorado changes quickly and can vary in elevation. You will definitely want to have your snow tires on well before the first snow to get used to the feel of snow tires and adjust to how your Subaru will handle. Snow tires are made from more flexible rubber and feature deeper treads to provide better traction and adapt to fridge temperatures. Some drivers prefer to use all-season tires to avoid changing their tires twice a year. All-season tires are also a good option for winter driving around town. If you are always heading out to the mountains you may want to consider snow tires for better stability and control on mountain roads.

The Subaru of Loveland service team is here to ensure your Subaru performs at its best this winter. We will inspect your tires for proper tread depth and will also help you find new tires if needed. If your all-season tires are in good condition and will last another winter we suggest stopping by our service center for a tire rotation for even tread wear and ideal performance. To schedule your next service appointment give us a call or click here to make an appointment online. If you have any further question please don't hesitate to ask. Also, be sure to see what parts and service specials we are currently running to help you save and get your Subaru ready for winter.

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