Easy Tips To Get Your Subaru Ready For The Changing Seasons

If there is one thing that Loveland drivers know it is that the when the seasons start changing snow is on its way. So be sure to stay ahead of the weather and get your Subaru ready for colder temperatures and challenging conditions with a few easy weatherization tips for the service team here at Subaru of Loveland.

Winter in Colorado is wonderful as well as long and there is no better vehicle than a Subaru when it comes to getting how once the snow starts falling thanks to the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. In addition to unmatched traction, control, and stability on the road, we have a few items that you will want to check.

  • Tires: Many of our customers have two sets of tires, their summer tires and their winter tires or snow tires. Snow tires are better equipped to handle the cold and also feature deeper treads to provide more traction. Some drivers use all-season tires which are also a great option and don't require changing with the seasons. No matter what tires you are using you will need to make sure that they are in good shape and have enough tread. You will also want to make sure there are no cracks in the sidewall to prevent a blowout.
  • Tire Pressure: In addition to checking the tread and conditions of your tires you will also want to make sure they have enough air. The cold air can affect your tire pressure and low tire pressure is not ideal for safe and reliable performance.
  • Battery: The drop in temperature will affect your battery and not having enough juice to start on a cold morning is not fun. Our service center can easily test your battery to ensure that you have enough power to make it through the winter. If your battery is running low we can easily replace it to prevent getting stuck in the cold.
  • Fluids: It is always a good idea to have your oil changed to keep your engine clean and healthy. You should also have other important fluids like washer fluid and brake fluid topped off before winter.
  • Wiper Blades: Our windshield wipers are put to work in the winter keeping the windshield clean and clear from road spray and snow. It is vital to check all of our wiper blades to make sure they are not falling apart and will properly clear the window when you can't see.

Every time you start your Subaru you see all of the dash lights flash when the engine turns over. But what do they all mean and what if one comes on? There are a lot of different warning lights, to say the least, and we have created a lookup so you can easily identify what your Subaru is trying to tell you. This will help you stay on top of different service needs and keep your Forester, Ascent or Impreza running at its best for many miles to come.

For more weather prep visit our weather service page or schedule a time to have our certified Subaru technicians take care of your Outback, Crosstrek or Legacy.

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