Battery Trouble? We Can Help!

Nothing puts a damper on an adventure quite like trying to start your car and finding that it... won't. The culprit is often a dead battery, and it's especially common for weak car batteries to give up around this time of year thanks to the cold. Fortunately, our Subaru service team is here to help. We can test your battery to make sure that it has enough strength to make it through winter. If we find that your car battery is at the end of its rope, we can fit your Subaru with the perfect replacement.

How to Tell When Your Battery Needs a Replacement

Batteries lose strength over time, and extreme temperatures don't do anything to improve their longevity. So, you might notice that your battery gets weaker as time passes. Here are a few warning signs that your car battery is nearing the end of its life:

  • Battery dashboard warning light
  • Sluggish engine crank
  • Dim headlights
  • Trouble operating car's electrical components
  • Swollen battery case

It's also worth it to check your battery's age. The average car battery lasts about four or five years, so if your battery is getting on in years, it might have a harder time delivering the power your car needs to run smoothly.

Schedule a Battery Check

If you've experienced trouble with your car battery, or you simply want us to check to make sure your battery is in good shape, please feel free to give us a call or schedule a service appointment online. We'll be happy to run tests. If it turns out that your battery is at the end of its rope, we can replace it for you right here at our service center.

Please don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions!

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