When you start looking at Subaru cars and SUVs at Subaru of Loveland, you'll notice that many models feature something called symmetrical all-wheel drive. Unlike other all-wheel-drive systems on the market, this unique feature gives Subaru vehicles an edge.

The purpose of any AWD is to send torque to all four of the wheels. Since all of the wheels are actively powered, the tires are better able to grip the surface of the road. That means that even when one wheel slips on water, ice, mud, or snow, the other three can keep moving — and you stay in control. When you're driving in bad weather or tackling slippery roads in Loveland, CO, AWD provides safer, easier handling.

Subaru takes this concept to the next level with a unique symmetrical layout. The powertrain is positioned in a straight line along the center of the car. This distributes the weight of the heavy components equally to all four wheels. As a result, each of the tires is instantly able to grip the road. For drivers, the most important result is that the vehicle feels even and exceptionally stable. Whether you're taking off or turning a corner, the Subaru retains this sense of balance. This creates an easier, more confident ride in a wide range of conditions.

An important part of the Subaru AWD system is the engine. Unlike traditional gas engines, which use vertical pistons, Subaru vehicles come with BOXER engines that feature horizontal pistons. This innovative layout echoes the symmetrical straight-line orientation of the powertrain, reinforcing the overall sense of balance.

As you drive a vehicle with symmetrical AWD, the system automatically adjusts the torque that goes to each wheel based on the surface of the road. If one wheel crosses over a patch of ice and begins to slip, the system automatically reduces the torque. This stops the slipping and allows you to stay in control. This process happens constantly and without any input — all you notice is the great traction.

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