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Get to Know Your Tire Options in Colorado for the Best Possible Performance

Having the right style, brand, size, and type of tire on your Subaru can make a much bigger difference than you might think while driving in Loveland and Fort Collins. Colorado boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and if you want to be able to explore all of them year-round, you want to be sure that you have the right equipment at the right time.

The three basic types of tire are: summer, all-season, and winter. There are also performance and racing tires, and each type of tire has its own collection of tire sub-categories--but the average driver and tire-shopper will only need to be familiar with "The Big Three".

Learn a little more about these three types of common Subaru tires:

Summer Tire Types and Performance

When are summer tires the best option?

The name is not deceiving; summer tires are best for the summer in Windsor and Estes Park, but it's not all about the temperature. Summer tires are also optimized for speed, agility, and performance, so they're often chosen by drivers looking to get the most thrills out of their vehicle and not necessarily the best ride on bad roads.

The biggest difference for summer tires comes from the tread pattern, and the type of rubber compound that it's made of. The rubber can stay more flexible in hotter temperatures for the best possible grip on the road even on staggeringly hot days--but tends to become too hard and stiff in cold weather. The shallow tread grooves that are great for handling on pavement can be good at shedding water on wet roads--depending on brand and design-- but in general are not as capable in wet and cold conditions.

Winter/Snow Tire Types and Performance

Does my Subaru need winter tires even with all-wheel drive?

Ideally, yes; while all-wheel drive or 4WD can help with getting started on slippery roads and driving on hills around Berthoud and Johnstown, AWD doesn't give you more stopping power. And that's really where winter tires are the most capable. Winter tires (commonly just called snow tires) can be studded or stud-less, and some drivers deep in the Colorado mountains and rural areas will also use chains to boost traction even more. There's a huge variety in available winter tire brands and designs, tread depths and purpose, and ideal temperature.

The specific rubber compound, tread depth and pattern, and edge design of snow tires can make a huge difference during a Colorado winter. The rubber stays pliable and flexible in far colder temperatures than an all-season tire--and especially a summer tire--to give you better traction on frozen roads. Deep, deep treads can help stop the buildup of snow and can better shed water and slush as you drive. Certain tires even have rougher edges to provide even that small bit of extra traction. If you can afford to swap between winter and summer/all-season tires, this will be the best choice for many Colorado drivers.

All-Season Tire Types and Performance

Are all-season tires really all-season?

Yes and no; all-season tires in Loveland are the epitome of "jack of all trades, master of none". These tires are very competent in hot and cold conditions, on wet and dry roads, on straightaways and in corners--but they're not the best performers in any of these situations. They deliver more traction in snow and on ice than summer tires, but they can survive much longer in much warmer weather than winter tires thanks to the unique rubber compounds used to make them. The deep treads on all-season tires are great for long life spans, but don't offer the same close feeling to the road as summer tires with shallower tread depth.

All-season tires will be your best bet if you only want to purchase one set of tires to use all year long in Colorado.

Which Tires are Best for My Subaru Car or SUV?

The expert team at Subaru of Loveland can help you explore your options for Subaru tires, wheels, and rims so that you can be sure of having the right equipment for your specific vehicle and your specific lifestyle and driving needs. Our parts professionals know everything about tire info and servicing in Loveland, CO. We'll do the worrying, so you don't have to.