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Keep Up with Subaru Service Intervals at Subaru of Loveland

If you want to keep your Subaru vehicle in like-new condition and performing at the highest level for as long as you own it, it's important to follow the suggested service intervals outlined in the owner's manual. All Subaru vehicles have a service schedule, with suggested maintenance based on mileage and the amount of time passed. With such extreme weather and temperatures around Loveland, CO, it's crucial to your vehicle's health that you get your vehicle serviced during the suggested mileage and time intervals. At Subaru of Loveland, we offer professional Subaru servicing and are here to help you stay up to date on your vehicle's servicing needs, allowing you to keep your vehicle in day-one condition for miles to come.

When Does My Vehicle Need to Be Serviced?

Minor Service I (Every 3.75 months or 3,750 miles)

The first service interval to stay on top of is the Minor Service I. During the Minor Service I appointment, we'll perform a number of services to help your vehicle continue to perform at its full potential around Fort Collins. It's suggested that you get your oil changed every 3,750 miles, ensuring that your engine is clean and properly lubricated. Waiting too long to change your oil results in dirty oil, which can cause engine wear and damage. We offer both conventional and synthetic oil changes and can perform either in a quick and convenient manner. While you're here, we also will top off your fluids, inspect your tires for wear, and perform a multi-point inspection to make sure everything is performing correctly.

Minor Service II (Every 7.5 months or 7,500 miles)

During a Minor Service II visit, we'll change your oil again and replace the oil filter to keep your engine clean and performing at the highest level. We'll again top off your fluids, including your coolant, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more, keeping everything properly lubricated, cooled, and performing the way it's engineered to. We'll rotate your tires for you to help them last longer, replace your windshield wipers, replace the cabin air filter, and perform a multi-point inspection, ensuring your vehicle achieves the best performance around Windsor.

Intermediate Service (Every 15 months or 15,000 miles)

After 15 months or 15,000 miles traveled around Estes Park, it's time for an Intermediate service appointment. We'll again change your oil, refill fluids, rotate your tires, and more. We'll also lube your locks and hinges, check your brakes, check your battery, perform any needed recalls, change the air filters, check your engines diagnostics, and more.

Major Service I (every 30 and 90 months or 30,000 and 90,000 miles)

The Major Service I appointment consists of all the maintenance offered in the other service visits, along with a transmission flush, differential servicing, replace the brake fluid, and replace the spark plugs, among other services to keep your vehicle like-new when you're driving around Berthoud.

Major Service II (Every 60 months or 120 months or 60,000 and 120,000 miles)

The Major Service II appointment will feature all the services offered in the Major Service I appointment, along with inspecting the entire braking system, checking the axle boots and shafts, replace your coolant and check the radiator, inspect your steering and suspension systems, and perform any other maintenance needed to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

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We invite you to schedule a service appointment online when you've reached your suggested service interval. You can also make the short trip from Johnstown and we'll perform any needed maintenance in a quick, convenient manner and have you back on the road in no time.

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