All You Need to Know About Subaru All-Wheel Drive

If you're based in mountainous Loveland or Estes Park, you know that navigating the roads in inclement weather can be a tricky ordeal. During these times, it's crucial to be pragmatic about your transportation. Safely getting both you and your passengers from start to finish while smoothly surpassing any obstacles that may arise is a top priority during the winter months. Fortunately, there's a simple way to get ahead of the weather before you even get on the road. Investing in a vehicle that's equipped with all-wheel drive is a great way to be proactive about the safety and peace of mind of you and all your loved ones, and luckily almost every Subaru comes standard with symmetrical AWD.

But what exactly does this drivetrain entail and why does it make such a difference in your cruise? At Subaru of Loveland, we decoded the intricacies just for you, so you can be certain that you're getting the vehicle that will serve you best.

The Basics of Subaru All-Wheel Drive

Almost every new Subaru model is equipped with symmetrical AWD, excluding the sport-centric BRZ. This drivetrain is unique to other AWD systems as it focuses on weight balance and immediate response for enhanced reliability and performance. An even weight distribution is key because, when the front and rear of your vehicle match up, you get consistent handling and reduce the stress that would normally fall more on the front or rear.

More Reasons to Prefer All-Wheel Drive

There's more benefits than you may realize with AWD, including:

  • Enhanced Traction - One of the main reasons accidents occur during icy, snowy or wet conditions is due to loss of traction in some or all tires. Fortunately, crafters of symmetrical AWD realized this and combated it. Each wheel is working to propel your Subaru forward, so even if a couple of your wheels lose their grip, you'll remain safe. This dynamic solution to a common and dangerous problem is the answer you've been awaiting, especially if you call places like Berthoud and Johnstown your home.
  • Maximized Performance - Performance is crucial regardless of weather and road conditions. You rely on the capabilities of your steering and handling on a daily basis to get you where you need to go. With symmetrical AWD, you can expect your performance level to be first-class. Even in sports cars, who prefer dry conditions, AWD helps to speed up acceleration times. The engine's power immediately heads to the road. Steering is also better because, since the rear wheels can focus on maintaining forward traction, the front set can prioritize steering and sideways traction.
  • Augmented Off-Road Capability - If you have an interest in off-roading, you're in luck. AWD allows you to more easily traverse uneven landscapes. If one or more of the wheels comes off the road, you don't have to worry because you'll still have the rest of your wheels to rely on.

Test Drive a Subaru AWD Vehicle

It's clear that AWD provides benefits unparalleled by other drivetrain options. While each choice is best suited for different circumstances, it's unquestionable that Subaru all-wheel drive is great for Fort Collins, Windsor and beyond. If you have any further inquiries regarding symmetrical AWD or want to know more about any of our popular Subaru models, like the 2020 Crosstrek or Outback, don't hestitate to reach out. You can give our sales team a ring at (866) 539-8579 or stop in at our Loveland location. For all the peace of mind, opt for all-wheel drive.